Am I allowed a revision after the finished version is sent?

Yes, you are. Every presentation gets up to two design revisions.

Can you develop a presentation based on my content?

Your pitch deck should be built by you, but we can help.

With our Content + Design service, we can help you tell the right story for your business, and even offer templates and tools to help you get started; still, you are responsible for the content of the deck.

What kind of file can I upload?

We can work with PowerPoint and Keynote files, as well as Slidebean presentations.


What happens with diagrams included in my slides?

i.e. diagrams, infographics, charts and tables.

Non-editable data is left intact, and is not included in the redesign process. Our team cannot work with static information they can’t copy, edit or re-interpret. They will however transfer it to the updated version just as it appears on the original file.


Am I allowed a revision after the finished version is sent?

Yes, you are. Here are the details and delivery times:

  • Presentation Redesign - Standard 5 days: 2 revisions, up to 96 h. delivery each.

  • Presentation Redesign - Expedited 3 days: 2 revisions, up to 72 h. delivery each.

What can be changed on revisions after the first version is delivered?

The presentation needs are defined when you have the first contact with our design team. Once you receive the first version we can work on small visual changes, layout adjustments, image selection and other related tweaks. Revisions do not include the incorporation of any new ideas or graphics.

What are your business hours?

Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.


When does delivery time start running?

The delivery time starts running after the first call with our design team.


Does your team work under an NDA?

All design is handled by payroll employees of our company, who have strict confidentiality contracts. We don’t use third party or independent contractors.

If required, we can also provided a signed, one way NDA for you.


Can you create videos or infographics for my presentation?

Our services do not include the production of videos or the design of infographics.